Welcome To iPlayChess Club

Welcome to iPlayChess

Who are we?

iPlayChess Club is not another website. It’s a REVOLUTION. We aim to bring the beauty of chess to every home around the world.

Whether through pocket-friendly chess sets or high-quality chess learning materials, we aim to bring you only the best. Though we aim to keep our range of products as wide as possible, we focus more on quality than on quantity. Every product is vetted and passes our strict in-house QPS matrix and is guaranteed for 100% customer satisfaction.

We scour through multiple suppliers around the globe for discounted offers every day to bring you what you seek: high quality at super affordable prices. Whether it is from a European manufacturer or a Chinese supplier, every product we offer conforms to the ideals of iPlayChess, that is, utmost excellence within a budget.

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If you are a USA Citizen, time to rejoice! Want to buy a chess set, chess board or any physical product? Great! Because you are going to get it at a HUGE 20% discount every time.

And yes, that is on top of the FREE delivery that we promise on our physical orders within USA and UK. Higher savings in your pocket and you still get to enjoy your cake. Cool, huh?

But wait, we keep the best for the last.

Get Privileged Access to
Hot Chess Course Deals

Deals? How much? Well, let’s say, 50-60 percent on every offer we make. And we are talking about top-notch premium chess lessons from some of the world’s best chess masters and coaches. Are you a chess player looking to improve his game beyond 2000? Or maybe, an amateur looking to go professional?

This exclusive digital courses will be what you need—simply download, watch and learn at your convenience. Anytime, all time.

Each such offer will be specific to a particular sale only. It will be highly exclusive and will be limited to a few hands only. It’s a token of love and appreciation. We aim to provide maximum value for every dollar you spend in this club and help you groom as a chess player.

So, what are you waiting for? Hurry, sign up with your details now. We will email you with an offer soon.



iPlayChess Club offers fully free shipping to United States and United Kingdom, and discounted shipping rates to other countries around the globe.


Make all your purchases with an iron-clad 30-days refund guarantee, if you don't receive your ordered items or get them in a damaged state.


We believe in customer relationships and providing value in each of our transactions. If you are an iPlayChess Club subscriber, you are in for a treat.