Chess is a very ancient game that first appeared in India around the fourth or fifth century A.D. Although there are many legends about the origin of chess, nobody really knows who invented the game. Chess is an intellectual competition between two players. It is played on a square board divided into 64 equal squares…

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Rules of Chess…Setting Up A Chess Board…Explained Simple and Easy! PIcture courtesy: Chess is just one of the oldest and most popular board games worldwide. In this article, we explain the chess rules in a layman’s language. The majority think the origins of chess start in either India or Asia many hundreds of years…

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History of chess Chess is believed to have actually been invented 1500 years earlier in India. The game has actually changed only a little since then with the introduction of the queen in the 15th century and some small motion modifications in the 1800s. Chess game objective The utmost purpose in the chess game is…

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