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Tired of wasting thousands of dollars on private chess coaching? Forget it.

What about those hefty chess courses online? Selling for $99, $199 or even $299 a pop?

Buy five courses and you are out over a thousand dollars! What?

Okay, it should not be like that at all.

Every form of education must be free (at least to some extent).

To support this initiative, iPlayChess is born. World's foremost discounted chess learning site.

In our iPlayChess club, once you sign up as a member, you start getting crazy hot discounted deals on chess courses from multiple premium sources. 

Chess videos? Check. Chess books? Check. Chess memberships? Check. 

Remember, everything comes for free—ABSOLUTELY FREE! For example, for a course costing $100, you would pay nothing at all. We have got you covered.

In addition to that, we will also send you hot chess deals from time to time as well. But mind you, since you will be a privileged iPlayChess Club member, you are not going to get a mere 40 or 50 percent like everywhere else. You are going to get a solid 70-90 percent discount on EVERY OFFER.

How does that sound?

 Only the best for you.

Everything below at 100% discount:

Rare chess books (old and recent)

Premium chess videos (from best sources)

Coveted chess stuff (special yet cheap)

Exclusive chess courses (almost for free)

And much more

You would receive only ONE email per week during weekends. We hate sending sales emails every day. It sucks!

Every week, you will get totally-free content under your membership and you will be notified of the same so that you don't miss out on the golden stuff ever. You will get the special "deals of the week" email during the weekends. And you can take your choice from the invaluable courses on offer that week. If you don't want to, skip that week. You will get more in the successive weeks as well (as long as you are a member).

Well, now comes the catch.

However, while the deals might be free, the club membership is not. (Sad face)

We have to bear certain costs. Hope you understand.

Well, that does not mean, we are going to charge you an arm and a leg for it. 

The annual membership costs you not  $89.99... not $49.99...but a nominal $19.99 per month only

Too much? Think about it. When you get a $99 course for free, does that mambership fee sound a lot? Remember, you will get multiple such deals every month. If you are already spending $100 per month on chess training, it's like you are paying for a fraction of one course and getting MULTIPLE TIMES in return. 

The heavier a shopper you are, the more you save. 

All for that little subscription fee.

Try Risk-free for 15 Days.
100% Money Back Guarantee.

Give it a try. 

If you don't like it, just let us know within 15 days and we will give your full money back to you. No questions asked.

We dare you. Are you up for it?

Chessily yours,

Team iPlayChess

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