An exclusive video by IM Valeri Lilov on the Pirc Defense, sometimes known as the Ufimtsev Defence or Yugoslav Defence, is a chess opening characterised by Black responding to 1.e4 with 1…d6 and 2…Nf6, followed by …g6 and …Bg7, while allowing White to establish an impressive-looking centre with pawns on d4 and e4. It is named after the Slovenian Grandmaster Vasja Pirc.

One of the less usual queen’s pawn openings, the Trompowsky immediately develops the bishop to an active spot, with the intention (usually) to capture on f6 and double Black’s pawns.


  • Aggressive
  • Leads to original play
  • Tricky


  • White may have to give up the two bishops
  • Black can gain time by attacking the Bg5
  • The absence of the bishop may weaken the b2 pawn
 Sometimes overlooked in the saga of Bobby Fischer, the former world champion Boris Spassky is a tremendous chess player in his own right. Find out what you can learn from his endgames, which were played in a clean and positional style.

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