64 Things You Need to Know in Chess by John Walker

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This is a basic primer for those who know how to play chess and are seeking to improve. Each ‘thing’ is explained in an easy-to-follow lesson, which is followed by exercises that enable the reader to check that he or she has fully understood the concept. Topics include the basic checkmates; essential endgame knowledge; tactics and combinations; middlegame themes; typical checkmating patterns; opening play.

What Readers Say:

Walker goes through step by step how to improve your game.

He starts by making sure that you understand basic tactics, then where others go to openings he goes straight for the end game. By using this approach he shows you how to win from established positions. Once again it is about tactics.

From here he moves to openings, he gives you standard openings, then explains the principles behind them, once again it is tactics.

I strongly recommend this book especially to beginners and average players, but I beleive that everyone will come away with something from it.


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