A Modern Take On Nimzowitsch – GM Jesse Kraai


GM Jesse Kraai gives us a modern look at the strategy and tactics of Aron Nimzowistch. Inspired from a discussion with GM Josh Friedel.

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GM Jesse Kraai gives us a modern look at the strategy and tactics of Aron Nimzowistch. Inspired from a discussion with GM Josh Friedel.Aron Nimzowitsch (November 7, 1886 – March 16, 1935) was a Russian born, Danish leading chess master and a very influential chess writer. He was the foremost figure amongst the hypermoderns. Nimzowitsch is considered one of the most important players and writers in chess history. His works influenced numerous other players, including Savielly Tartakower, Milan Vidmar, Richard Reti, Akiba Rubinstein, Brent Larsen and Tigran Petrosian. His influence is still felt today.Content: Over 2.5 hours of instruction and analysis in a series of 6 lectures.Recommended for: Intermediate Players.Users rated this series: 4.51 out of 5Chess Fans have said: But the real meat of this lecture is about principles and how Jesse Kraai remains flexible and yet loyal to this old school where Nimzo laid the foundation for this systematic, strategic play.GM Jesse Kraai currently resides in Berkeley, California. His most notable chess achievements are winning the Denker Tournament of High School Champions in 1989 and 1990, and competing in the US championship from 2002-2006. Jesse received his final GM norm at the Foxwoods Open 2007 and has a Ph.D in Philosophy from the University of Heidelberg. Jesse is an active chess coach.OUTLINENimzowitsch; Part I; The CenterEnglish Opening: Anglo-Indian Defense, Flohr-Mikenas-Carls VariationMatch: Efim Bogoljubov vs. Aron NimzowitschRun Time 00:23:40Nimzowitsch; Part II; Blockading the FrenchFrench Defense: Advance Variation, Paulsen AttackMatch: Aron Nimzowitsch vs. Grigory LevenfishRun Time 00:31:41Nimzowitsch; Part III; Tactics vs. CentralizationFrench Defense: Classical, Delayed Exchange VariationMatch: Alexander Alekhine vs. Aron NimzowitschRun Time: 00:25:56Nimzowitsch; Part IV; Taming the Large Pawn CenterCaro-Kann Defense: Accelerated Panov AttackMatch: Semion Alapin vs. Aron NimzowitschRun Time 00:20:56Nimzowitsch; Part V; The Deeper Sense of RestrictionBenoni Defense: Knight’s Tour VariationMatch: Aron Nimzowitsch vs. Frank James MarshallRun Time 00:19:58Nimzowitsch; Part VI; The Double Pawn ComplexNimzo-Indian Defense: Normal Variation, Bishop AttackMatchup: Paul F. Johner vs. Aron NimzowitschRun Time 00:26:12Originally Produced by ChessLecture.com LLC | © 2014 All Rights Reserved30 Day 100% Money Back GuaranteeYou must be thrilled with this purchase, and it must transform your chess the way I state in this letter, or I don’t want your money. Try it out and if you don’t agree that it’s an amazing program and worth more than you paid, keep all your money. If for any reason you’re not satisfied with the purchase just ask for your money back. It doesn’t get any easier than that.


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