Carlsen’s Positional Secrets




IM Valeri Lilov’s new course presents a revolutionary set of techniques and principles to guide you in any and every position of the middlegame.

Starting with methods of planning, evaluation, calculation, and prophylaxis, you can watch and learn all the key techniques used by the reigning world chess champion Magnus Carlsen!

It’s interesting to see how a very young Carlsen was already an amazing positional player: IM Lilov presents us games played by the Norwegian prodigy when Magnus was only 12, or 14, and he was already able to outplay strong opponents by using his positional skills. Useless to say, Magnus got stronger and stronger through the years, and the most recent games show his amazing way to handle positions over the chess board.

Enjoy this practical course on middlegame and learn from the thinking process of the greatest chess player of our decade!

Here is a list of the gams used by IM Lilov in the series:

12005.09.186th Lausanne Young MastersCarlsen-Vachier-Lagrave
22009.12.13London Chess ClassicHua Ni-Carlsen
32015.01.20Tata Steel 2015Carlsen-Radjabov
42005.07.01European ChampionshipRiazantsev-Carlsen
52006.05.2737th Chess OlympiadCarlsen-Prasca
62002.02.09Ostlandserien 01/02 div. 1, Asker – NordstrandCarlsen-Tor Gulbrandsen
72004.01.10Corus Group CCarlsen-Ernst
82003.07.23XXV Politiken CupCarlsen-Harestad
92006.07.22Norwegian ChampionshipCarlsen-Tallaksen Ostmoe
102008.09.08Bilbao Grand Slam FinalCarlsen-Aronian
112013.03.27FIDE Candidates 2013Carlsen-Gelfand
122011.06.10Bazna King’s TournamentCarlsen-Nakamura

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  1. Jon W

    This stuff is amazing!
    Give you the understanding behind the concept of positional chess it owns Magnus, so you’ll see the “reason” of his moves throughout the games that he played.
    great job!

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