GM Igor Smirnov Chess Collection



This massive chess course collection has been strategically designed to help players of all levels overcome their barriers.

  • If you are a beginner, you’ll be able to learn the basic principles of chess that set professional players apart from novice players.
  • If you are an intermediate player, you will come to understand the principles that advanced players are using to dominate.
  • If you are already an advanced player, you’ll be able to master all concepts of advanced chess strategy, how to make the most practical decisions, and start on your way to becoming a master.

This collection includes 13 volumes with incredible chess lessons for players of all levels. Study the game seriously and you will be impressed by the progress you’ll start to show in a very short period of time.

This chess course contains not only the author’s experience but also experiences from a lot of his colleagues and friends: grandmasters, trainers and other chess players, who helped the author perfect each course.

Some of the skills you will able to develop:

All Chess Courses By Gm Igor Smirnov – Huge DiscountTurn the ‘principle of 2 weaknesses’ into your favorite winning technique, using the stellar examples of endgame maestro Anatoly Karpov!

Perfect timing.

Patiently place your pieces and, when the moment is right, unleash lightning strikes like Kasparov’s Bxh5!! (open the g-file, exchange a pair of rooks then e6+! wins!)

Secrets of the pawn majority.

You have 3 pawns vs. 2 on the queenside; your rival has 4 vs. 3 on the kingside. Who is better? How to continue? IM Givon reveals all of the plans!

The course contains a lot of recommendations, which are all practical examples that have seen success in real play.

The effectiveness of the author’s teaching system has been proven by his own progress, and by the results from a lot of his students.

If you’ve seen any of GM Smirnov’s courses before you’ll know they are completely unique: you get a custom-built computer program integrating video lessons, interactive games, and positions, and practical tests to cement your new knowledge in your long-term memory.

Enjoy your chess course with one of the best coaches ever! 


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