Grandmaster Decision Making with GM Alex Lenderman [Instant Download]


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Make good decisions – win more games!

How many times have you found yourself in a situation when you think your opponent has made a mistake?

You look at the move and think “it must be a blunder”. You even know how to take advantage of it. Oftentimes, things are not as simple as they seem at first glance.

In fact, some of those “mistakes” are not mistakes at all, but tricky moves. If you don’t understand the position well enough you may buy into it, ruining the game.

By incorrectly interpreting your opponent’s move as a mistake you will make a mistake yourself the very next move!

In the first part of this video course, top American Grandmaster Alex Lenderman teaches you not to assume that your opponent’s move is a mistake, until absolutely sure. GM Lenderman provides many illustrative examples demonstrating this important concept. He shares his own, personal thinking methods which help him at precisely identifying dangerous moments in the game and resolving it in his favour.

The second very important concept in chess is a complete opposite of the first one. Even if your opponent is a significantly stronger player, it by no means implies his play is flawless. You shouldn’t be intimidated by your opponent’s credentials and expect perfection. Many players underperform simply because they overestimate their opponent strength.

Yes, he may be a higher rated player, but it should not psychologically affect your game. In the second part of this video course, GM Lenderman teaches how to approach stronger opponents to maximize your chances for success.

This is a must-have material for all under 2200 rated chess players.

By simply following GM Lenderman’s guidelines and applying his advice in your games you will significantly increase your playing capacity!

What you will learn?

  • Critical aspects of chess psychology that will help you at getting an edge over your competition
  • Grandmaster techniques for finding and exploiting your opponent’s mistakes and weaknesses
  • Step-by-step decision-making algorithm that will help you even in toughest positions
  • Rules that you always need to follow when making a decision in your games
  • Thinking process that GM Lenderman uses in every single game with great success [and you can too]
  • Powerful ideas that will help you at facing those higher rated players
  • and much more.


GM Alex Lenderman (FIDE 2636)

is an American chess grandmaster. He won over 100 chess tournaments and represented the U.S. in international team events on 3 occasions. GM Lenderman won a gold medal in 2015 World Team Championship, became World Open Champion and Marshall Chess Club Champion number of times. He is also an active chess coach, and enjoys seeing his students launch their own chess career!


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