Roman’s Lab Chess Entire Collection (Vol. 1-117)



If you’re ready to learn from a top trainer (with a proven ability to create grandmasters), this chess DVD collection is just right for you.

The Roman’s Lab Collection consists of 117 individual courses with lessons like:

Positional Mastery:

Learn Karpov’s powerful positional evaluation method which greatly simplifies your thinking process and makes finding accurate moves intuitive and effortless.

Roman’s Lab Chess Dvd Entire Collection Volumes 1-117

Tactical Genius:

Get Roman’s checklist for finding hidden tactics. This checklist replaces lengthy calculation with a rules-based approach, helping you to dominate in tactical positions.

Dominate with Pawn Structures:

Roman explains all the typical pawn structures including the best plans for both sides and where each piece ‘belongs’. You’ll know exactly what to do just from the pawn structure – no need to memorize the opening theory!

How to Use Blitz:

Most club players are actually weakening their chess by playing blitz online. Dzindzi shares his personal practice for using online blitz to test openings, train your tactical eye and stay sharp between tournaments. Many fantastic training secrets waiting in this one!

These courses alone are enough to significantly boost your rating – and there are another 113 titles included in this collection!


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