Theory and Practice of Chess Endings – VOLUME 1

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The author of the book is the Grandmaster and honored Russian coach who headed the All-Russian chess school. At his lessons Alexander Panchenko, following the advice of world champions J.R.Capablanka and V.V.Smislov, placed the highest emphasis on endgame (without neglecting the other stages of a chess game, for sure). The result surpassed all expectations: dozens of grand masters and masters graduated from the school – Sergey Rublevsky, Alice Galliamova, Ruslan Scherbakov, Maxim Sorokin, Michael Ulibin, Svetlana Prudnikova, Tatiana Shumjakina and many others. The well-known lectures of Panchenko’s school have underlain the basis of this fascinating book on the endgame that will help to increase playing skills and to achieve higher practical results both for amateurs and professionals. Moreover, it is an indispensible assistant for coaches-teachers. Besides theoretical material, the book contains numerous examples from the practice of the classical and modern chess players and the tasks for the independent solving and playing. Contents: o PAWN ENDINGS o KNIGHT ENDINGS o BISHOPS OF OPPOSITE COLOR o OPPOSITE COLORED BISHOPS WITH ROOKS OR QUEENS ON THE BOARD o BISHOPS OF THE SAME COLOR o BISHOP AGAINST KNIGHT o BISHOP PAIR IN THE ENDGAME o Solutions to the Contest Tasks


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